Energy Conservation Tips

You can save up to 20% - 30% of your bill money by following these simple steps:

1. Use always the natural air and light; do not switch on lights during the day.

2. Promptly switch off the lights and fans when the occupants leave the room / hall.

3. Slim tube lights give better light and consume less electricity than the filament lamps.

4. Avoid opening the refrigerator frequently. Defrost it regularly.

5. Dry your clothes in the sun instead of using the dryer in the washing machine.

6. Use pressure cookers and avoid using electrical appliances as far as possible.

7. The electricity consumption by your geyser can be considerably reduced if the members of your family bathe in quick succession and switch it off as soon as it is no longer required.

8. Avoid switching in of heavy duty appliances during peak hours, i.e., 6 a.m. to 9 a.m., and 5 p.m. to 8 p.m..

1. Avoid excessive illumination. Please keep only as many fans and lights on as you need.

2. Do not use neon sign boards. Use only painted sign boards.

3. Use energy saving compact fluorescent lamps for the illumination of your shops, showrooms, or hotels.

4. Try to switch on your room air conditioners and coolers at least one hour late and switch off one hour early. Preferably, do not use these heavy duty appliances.

5. Please close the shops and showrooms precisely by 8 p.m. at night.

6. Use solar water heaters for hot water requirements of your hotels and lodges.

1. Provide shunt capacitors at terminals of your three-phase motor to help reduce current and ensure longer life to your pumpset

2. Use rigid PVC pipes to get more discharge.

3. Avoid sharp bends and too many joints in the suction and delivery lines.

4. Use low-resistance foot valves.

5. Lubricate pump sets at regular intervals.

6. Choose suitable crop mix so that at least one crop in a year is grown with least water consumption.

Electrical Safety Tips

1. Always examine your surroundings for power line locations before doing any outside work..

2. Do not allow children to play close to power lines, or to touch the live wires.

3. Teach your children about electrical safety.

4. Do not plant vegetation to grow up or near electric poles or wires.

5. Damage to elecrtical appliances or wires in your house must be repaired by an electrician.

6. If anyone in your house suffers an electric shock, call your local emergency medical service immediately. Even minor shocks can cause life-threatening conditions hours later, so it is important to seek immediate medical attention..

7. Stay clear off overhead power lines when moving or storing irrigation pipes, iron pipes or rods.

8. Never climb electricity poles,towers or substation fences. Call TGSPDCL staff for attending to any electrical emergency

9. If you are involved in a traffic accident that results in power lines touching your car, do not get out of your car unless it is on fire. If you must get out of your car because of fire or other immediate life-threatening situation, do your best to jump clear of the car and land on both feet. Then shuffle away from the car, keeping both feet close together, to minimize the path of electric current and avoid electric shock.

10. If you are at the scene of such an accident, do not approach a car that is touching power lines. Remain at a safe distance. Try to Keep the victim in the vehicle calm and wait for emergency personnel to handle the situation

11. Never touch a person who is in contact with power lines or other objects that are touching power lines. You cannot help them by being electrocuted yourself.

1. Turn off your cooking range, toaster oven, iron, or other items that could cause a fire when the power comes back, whenever the current supply gets disrupted.

2. Turn off your air conditioner and water heater to prevent system overloads when power is restored. These two appliances are big users of electricity, especially after they have been off for a while. Turn them on about 30 minutes after power has been restored.

3. If you are using a generator, never connect it to your home's electrical system, which can endanger you, your neighbors and utility workers. Make sure the generator is grounded. Follow the generator manufacturer's recommendations for safe use.

1. Stop surges and spikes at your main electrical service. This device, available for lease, is professionally installed by TSSPDCL. An external device is professionally installed on your meter which absorbs any voltage spikes before they enter your home. Our external device defends all major motor-driven appliances air conditioners, electric ranges, cloth dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators, heating system, and more. It also defends those super sensitive electronics from power fluctuation, which can slowly wear out your equipment and cause premature failure.

2. Anyone who's ever lost a phone or answering machine knows that phone lines are a dangerous source of power surges. The plug-in phone line protector stops phone surges, protecting your computer/modem, fax machine, or answering machine. By protecting these super sensitive electronics from internal home power fluctuations, it also extends the life of your equipment.

3. For sensitive electronics that don??t need cable phone line protection, such as stereos and microwaves, we have high sensitivity plug-in devices.